This presentation of World Link University is addressed primarily to missionary trainers. In a sense, missionaries are, by definition, to be trainers of others, following the example of our Lord and the injunction of the Apostle Paul (II Timothy 2:2). Those who have the responsibility for training missionaries are, in reality, training another generation of trainers whose students will, in turn, come from a culture other than their own. Currently, Western missions struggle to maintain the numerical strength of missionary forces on the field. Attrition, some say, is as high as 34%. At the same time, the number of Third World missionaries is increasing rapidly year by year. But their attrition rate is estimated at over 50%. The problem? In both cases, leaders tell us that better training is needed. Is better training possible? Candidates come with varying cultural and educational backgrounds, and their training should be tailored to their specific needs and their eventual field of assignment. Because of the enormous variety of human cultures, missionaries must be taught to be continuous learners. Self-directed learning must become a major focus of missionary training. Even on the field, missionaries must be given access to resources that meet their learning needs as they encounter new situations as their ministries progress. World Link is an association of local training institutions in the Third World preparing candidates for missions. Those identifying with the World Link concept are linking with the apostles of this generation, the leaders of Third World missionary movements which are shaking the kingdom of darkness and setting captives free in unreached corners of the earth. The World Link concept of learning through interdependence and mentoring results in the contextualization of distinctly Christian concepts through a discipling continuum. A call to cross-cultural missions is a call to partner with the Holy Spirit in communicating the Gospel particularly to those who are on the other side of cultural and linguistic barriers.

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A Blue-print for Cross-Cultural Ministry.

This Prospectus represents a training blue-print for cross-cultural ministry. It is not just a listing of subjects, but a statement of what is needed to be effective and efficient in performing the role of being God's ambassador to the people groups of the world. World Link University advocates a biblical approach to missionary training; it presupposes a solid biblical and theological foundation on the part of each student who might become involved in a World Link-related study program.

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World Link University is a specialized educational network of Third World missionary training centers, directing its primary attention to an integrative approach to intercultural studies and training methodologies which are particularly appropriate in the preparation of Christian workers who plan to minister in cultures other than their own.
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Mission training centers in the Third World.

World Link University is composed of and works with existing mission training centers in the Third World. In a sense, the development of this institution depends upon the identification of the centers or programs that will ultimately be benefited, and of the agencies with which their graduates will work, in order to understand and respond to their specific needs and potentials.

World Link University, therefore, addresses itself primarily to the academic fields of intercultural studies and training technology. At the same time, it seeks to integrate various facets of other disciplines, ranging from organizational management and human resource development to intercultural communication and community development